Facing forward, looking back

Being two-faced isn’t always a bad thing – having eyes in the back (or was it the front?) of his head meant Roman god Janus could look to the past, as well as the future, something (yawn) we’re encouraged to do as we enter the New Year. At this time of sales, gift vouchers and […]

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The swimwear issue

This photo is evidence that once upon a time, I actually enjoyed wearing swimwear. I’m the one on the left. If there’s a woman alive who enjoys shopping for swimwear, I’d like to meet her. Even the most super of supermodels must get thigh anxiety trying to squeeze into a bikini, let alone us mere […]

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Guest who?

The super duper ladies over at top Mancunian lasses’ blog 4 Manchester Women asked me to write a piece about wedding guest fashion on a budget for them. As the youngest of 25 cousins (my mother’s one of 12 kids), I spent my formative years at weddings, and for a while in the 1980s thought […]

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Viscose Inferno

You know how it is: you buy a dress, you spill something down it, then realise you can’t machine or handwash it, so amidst much wailing and gnashing of teeth, you take it to the dry cleaner. Who tells you that the fabric can’t be cleaned. At all. Unless you want to risk ruining your […]

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